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Great Guide but didn't find dust buildup inside!

Ray -

HP Pavilion

HP Pavilion G6 disassembly for cleaning

HP Pavilion G6 disassembly for cleaning

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The problem I encountered was overheating when I hooked up a lovely new Dell U2415 monitor to my laptop. The monitor does 1920x1200 resolution via HDMI. It looks just fantastic and I love all the resolution. But periodically the laptop shuts down because it overheats. I decided I needed to clean out the dust. So I followed your *excellent* guide.

Mijn oplossing

By far the hardest part for me was the removal of the keyboard clips. In the end I pretty well butchered the frame around the keyboard, but I did eventually get it out. I would love a little more detail about how to release the clips though.

Once I finally got everything taken apart (and it is pretty amazing how much stuff comes apart in this laptop) there was really no dust at all anywhere inside the case. :-(

The good part was that when I had eventually put it all back together again, it still worked! And for some unknown reason, so far the temperature seems a good 10 degrees cooler (C)!

Mijn advies

Can it be that something about taking the entire laptop apart makes it run cooler even though there wasn't any dust inside? I'll update this in a day or two with a final conclusion.

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