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A few bits missing in the instructions

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Fairphone 1

Fairphone 1 Display Assembly Replacement

Fairphone 1 Display Assembly Replacement

40 minuten


Mijn probleem

Cracked screen that needed replacing.

Mijn oplossing

We followed the steps, with slightly limited tools and did manage the repair in the end.

Thank you for the instructions!!!

Mijn advies

- the instructions don't mention the on/off button which falls out really easily when you are prying the black base and the screen apart. Make sure to replace this into correct position before popping new screen and the black base back together!

- instructions are kinda missing a description of peeling off the camera and sticking it back onto the new cover after peeling off the blue semi transparent piece of plastic that covers the adhesive

- one of the screws mentioned in step 7 is covered under a sticker. Do not miss it!

- when re-assembling, make sure the ZIF connector isn't folded under the motherboard otherwise you'll end up screwing it off and on again :)

- also on the phone we were repairing the SIM covers are not silver but black and several other nuances vary (i.e. the daughterboard was not glued on) but the manual still worked

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