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Great product! iPhone 4 rear panel replacement.

Brendan Seidl -

iPhone 4

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iPhone 4 Rear Panel Replacement

7 minuten


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I got a used iPhone 4 for a really good price, but when I got it I found out that the camera was basically unusable because the back panel was heavily scratched, as was the camera lens, to a point where images were streaked with light. I obviously had to fix that situation, because iPhones deserve functional cameras!

Mijn oplossing

The repair went very smoothly, although the pentalobe screws were much smaller and more difficult to unscrew than I expected. The old back panel popped right off easily, but the new one was very stiff to get on. It was aligned right, it just required a bit of force to install. The philips screws were much better than the pentalobe ones, so that’s nice that they’re included. Also included are a screen protector and a back protector, which was a nice bonus to keep my brand new back panel in pristine condition!

Mijn advies

Maybe it’s just mine or maybe it’s because they are not legitimate Apple parts, but my back panel is slightly off center, and goes to one side more than the other, but that’s not a big deal. The back is also slightly thicker than the original Apple one by a small amount, which prevents the phone from fitting in a polycarbonate snap on case, and causes my TPU cases to be pushed out more at the edges, but that may not be a big deal for everyone. In the instructions and videos about this product it is said that there is plastic covering the camera lens on the inside, but mine did not have any, so just know about that. Highly recommend this if you want to replace a broken panel or just add a cool look to your phone!

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