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SMDH. Should have done this a year ago.

Joe -

iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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My battery has been terrible for the last year. Recently it's been dying suddenly when it's said 20% life left. I've been tethered to the wall when doing anything on my iPhone 5, other than just reading websites.

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Went pretty dang good. The battery is really stuck in there. I thought the prying tool had too much give in it and seemed to bend too much to where I lost leverage. Prying from the top seemed to work best.

Mijn advies

I did try to just prop the screen against a big book so I wouldn't have to take it apart. That worked okay until I tried to pry the battery loose. I really didn't trust the two side pry locations. The one closest to the battery connector worried me with the real narrow ribbon cable running along the side. I went ahead and remove the display, so I could pry the battery loose from the top. It went fine after that.

Look carefully at how the cover plate for the display cables lies. I didn't and it took to bit to figure out if the inside edge of the cover, closest to the battery, was to the left or right of the edge/ridge that would be under the cover, when it's in place. I put it over or to the right of the edge/ridge and the screws lined up fine.

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