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Hit a tree, bent my phone, Ifixit got it running again!

Shawn G -

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Rear Case Replacement

iPhone 6 Rear Case Replacement

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I hit a tree while skiing. I think my iPhone 6 saved me from cracking a rib, but the phone ended up bent at a 20 degree angle. Luckily, the back metal case bent but the screen popped out of the case, so the screen didn't break. I bent the case back and the phone fully worked for about a week or so, then the cellular service crapped out. Since the cellular antenna is built into the back case, I figured I'd replace it to see if I could get things working. I replaced the battery while I was in there, since it flexed a bit during the incident.

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I had the phone partially apart when I was bending the case back initially, so I was somewhat familiar with all the tiny parts and screws. Overall, the repair went smoothly. I took my time so that I wouldn't mess anything up. I managed to not lose any screws, everything fit back together, and most importantly the phone worked when I was done! I was really glad that I didn't have to replace the whole phone after being damaged so badly.

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I used blue painter's tape to put the tiny screws on, so that they wouldn't roll anywhere.

Some of the parts are adhered to the back case, and didn't fully stick back when I was re-assembling things. Mostly, these things were held secure by screws anyway, so it seems to me that you don't have to worry about adding new adhesive.

The replacement case that I ordered was used, but it worked, so I cannot complain.

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