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The Persnickety iPhone 4s

Mary Matsushita -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Battery Replacement

iPhone 4S Battery Replacement

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Mijn probleem

Battery in phone had to be charged every night and would only last half of a day even when not being used much.

Mijn oplossing

Well, it was an adventure. Got the phone apart pretty easily but putting it back together took most of the time.

The kit was fantastic in that everything I need was there and together in one place.

Mijn advies


1. In Step 2 please add the instruction to put the phone on silent mode. The back does not slide up enough without doing that. I struggled for awhile and then went to the video for the iPhone 4 (because a video can be more informative than just pictures with instructions) and in the video the lady mentioned making sure the silent mode button was on "silent". After I moved that button then the back slid easily up and came off.

2. Please add any known tips and tricks on how to get that little loose gold contact back into place correctly. That took the longest to accomplish. Got it stuck in the battery adhesive once. Hoped all my manhandling wasn't destroying it.

3. The connector piece "ribbon" on the replacement battery was not bent into the correct shape to get it into the phone. Spent quite awhile just to get the ribbon bent "just so" to match the original battery's.

4. Those two little screws on the connector piece were so small I had to get my son, with better eyes, to put them back in. Maybe warn people they might need a magnifying glass to see which end is which on those itty bitty screws.

5. Was going to use your "liberator" screws on the outside but one of them wouldn't screw in all the way. Used a little pressure and stripped it. So used the original screws very, very gently and got them in. Is there any known issue with getting the outside screws to go back in? I just kind of squeezed the phone and tapped it gently some and hoped that screw would slide back in.

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