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IPAD3 Docking Connector Replacement


iPad 3 Wi-Fi

iPad 3 Wi-Fi Dock Connector Replacement

iPad 3 Wi-Fi Dock Connector Replacement

1 uur

Very difficult

Mijn probleem

IPAD 3 was dropped on the docking connector with the cable inserted - breaking the internal connector

Mijn oplossing

Repair was easier than expected, the hardest part was opening the case, the rest of the fix is quite straight forward - I would not rate it as "very difficult"

Mijn advies

the IFIXIT guide instructs you to disconnect the connectors for the touch sensor and LCD screen - really not necessary to do so - just flip the touch sensor and the LCD screen over (to the left) and out of the way and the docking connector can easily be changed without disconnecting anything but the docking connector itself

iPad 3 Dock Connector afbeelding
iPad 3 Dock Connector


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