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difficult, but still do-able

SLRomano -

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

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Dropped screen in the cold and cracked all over, getting worse to where you couldn't text, and chunks fell out around camera. Needed screen

Mijn oplossing

Since I thought I may have damaged the camera and replacing the glass entailed more than just putting on a new piece of glass, I bought the entire front face with new connections and camera built-in, etc. If I hadn't, I would have had to remove the camera from the broken glass piece and reinstall on new piece. The entire front face with camera was the easiest route. Cost a bit more, but well worth my time and frustration.

Mijn advies

The hardest part was the fingerprint and button at the bottom. It was connected and had to be pried up and reconnected to new part. Very fragile and any bending or damage would mean I could no longer use fingerprint identification or possibly have to replace the whole part. But with the tools I got in my kit, i was able to replace it all.

There is definitely a learning curve to this all and order to do things. Delicate pieces require taking one's time and doing things in order, and not forcing anything.

For the fingerprint part, I had to disconnect from wifi and delete all my apps that required a passcode, such as my Microsoft Exchange email account. Then I could turn off my passcode, and turn it back on and recreate my thumb/fingerprints. (The old fingerprint files were still there, but didn't work, so i deleted them.) Then recreated my email account and reloaded other passcode apps.... and wa-la! All is well again, and my phone no longer looks like it got ran over by a bus! lol

iPhone 6 Screen afbeelding
iPhone 6 Screen


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