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Giving New Life to an Older Model

jgordonmail -

MacBook Core Duo

MacBook Core Duo Fan Replacement

MacBook Core Duo Fan Replacement

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I've had my MacBook for 6 years...maybe more now, and it's lived in Japan with me, and traveled all over. In the last year it started to make a noise that sounded like a small animal was dying inside my computer. It got so bad that you couldn't hear anything except this whining screaming noise. I figured it had lived it's life, and was preparing myself for the day it wouldn't turn on again. Then it got worse, it would get so hot, and eventually shut down. Fearing the end of our relationship (me and the computer) my husband found your site, and we ordered a replacement fan.

Mijn oplossing

It was a challenge, found out once inside that when Apple fixed my screen flicker issue (when covered under Apple Care) they stripped one of the smallest screws needed to pull apart the case to get inside so badly that I thought all was lost! Also they didn't put back all the screws that they took out, which was interesting.

I took my laptop to work to have our maintenance manager give it a try (with hopefully better tools) to get it out. He got it out, but I was fearful that we almost broke the computer in half while trying.

Continued with the repair, and everything was so straight forward with the instructions and the pictures, I did it myself. Until the end of the repair, and the dreaded black felt tape. The instructions said not to rip it...but didn't give advice on what to do if it did, and how not to.

I brainstormed that black electrical tape would work nicely on top of what little of the felt tape was left (since so much wouldn't come loose from the old fan, and what did was dry and cracked). Black electrical tape in place, and everything back together (minus the missing screws), the test came. Does it turn back on again...YES SUCCESS, no more dying animal inside. It's like a brand new computer!!!

Mijn advies


1) Include a small piece of replacement black felt tape in the fan repair kit! Or give instructions that a piece of electrical tape can be subbed on top if you have slight rippage.

2) You can never use enough compressed air, I was able to pull out huge chunks of dust, gross.

3) Smaller hands are better for this repair, since so many tiny parts to get at.

4) Get on a schedule of cleaning out the inside of your MacBook every quarter or at least 2-3 times a year to try and prevent the dust that ultimately clogged up the fan and killed it in the first place :)

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