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My friend's Motorola Moto X injured and maimed me!

Steven Rice -

Motorola Moto X 1st Generation

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Motorola Moto X Display Assembly Replacement

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My friend dropped her phone in a parking lot.

Mijn oplossing

I do NOT like how this phone was constructed. I was actually maimed in the process of repairing this thing. It uses these tiny little pins to hold a metal frame onto the screen assembly. It is a horrible design. I ended up getting one of those stupid little pins lodged UNDER my thumb nail and had to shove a pair of tweezers up in after it and tear it out. . . I was not pleased. . . (I circled the pin in the picture of my thumb. In case you were wondering what the picture of the thumb was for. . . ) The adhesive that holds the back onto the phone is STRONG! And many of the ribbon cables can be a pain to get reinserted. (It did not live up to its "ZIF" claim)But overall, this phone is repairable. This is the second time I've ever torn apart a device, and I got it back together with only one issue after everything - the stupid black plastic insert over the proximity sensor. Now I have to take her phone back apart to address that. Obviously this repair took me quite some time, but part of it was spent on me being extremely careful in pulling off the backplate, and another part was spent on me administering first aid to myself.

Mijn advies

First, be VERY careful and VERY patient when removing the back cover. I took a lot of time doing this. I would heat up the back with a heat gun, then pry a little bit up. Then I would keep a spudger in there to keep a gap, reheat the back again, and pry more. I did this little by little until the back came free. It's important to be cautious. the back is flimsy and could easily snap, and it is also easy to get your spudger underneath the NFC cable and mess that up.

Secondly, I didn't remove the battery. There's really no need to as you detach any connections, and the whole motherboard is removed anyway. I think that saved me some time and frustration, because I have seen some complaints about it in the comments.

Third, KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PROXIMITY SENSOR. Make sure that the black plastic insert is on there before reassembling the phone. It will fall off and you will never realize it, and then it causes the phone to act very annoyingly.

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