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Harley-Davidson Sportster Evolution

Harley-Davidson Sportster Evolution Oil Change

Harley-Davidson Sportster Evolution Oil Change

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I checked my oil and it was bone dry, when it shouldn't have been. Since I basically learn on my own. Found this, read it, did it. These instructions were simple to follow ( even for a girl like me ) So, I thank you for adding some more of my education on taking care of my bike by myself. I hate to ask a man to do the simplest things, and look like a "typical girl". I'm proud of myself to be able to get it done on my own bike. Changing the oil on my bike isn't a "guy thing"..... now it's a "girl thing" from now on, ! So, I thank you for the extra confidence in myself. The more I learn for myself, the better I feel. And who wants to be a "typical girl" ? Not me !

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It was just as easy as the instructions made it look.

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Ladies.....if you wanna ride it....learn more about it. It's great not to hafta run to a man to do everything for you. You're gonna be glad you learned atleast the basics when you're sitting on the side of the road, alone,at night . Trust me. I've been able to get my bike and me, home safely more than one time !

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Enormously helpful & easy for a lady rider to learn how to save her bike's life !

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