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HTC ONE M9 --LCD/SCREEN Replacement

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HTC One M9

HTC One M9 Display Assembly Replacement

HTC One M9 Display Assembly Replacement

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Very difficult

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Cracked yet functional LCD that was continuing to fall apart.

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The repair was not as hard as I was prepared for after doing extensive research on the sort of repair required. I have to say the guide was very very helpful in identifying critical parts and tools to use.

Mijn advies

Yes... there is the SIM card flex cable that connects in solid form to the volume up/down/ power button aka V.P.D.P. Apparently it wraps over the battery to the the V.P.D.P buttons. Well when removing the battery take very important care not to tear this flex cable. It is advisable if you are in need to remove the battery to the get top the LCD best to remove the board the hold the camera components, then remove the SIM card reader /V.P.D.P altogether then proceed to remove the battery. Fortunately you can order and replace it if this should happen to you as it did to me (10 to 20) dollars. I got mine form amazon. One more thing keep in mind the buttons themselves on the cable are very fragile so when putting the case back on begin edging on the case from the buttons side making sure the buttons(internally) are surrounded by the case initially before snapping it into place. That way you wont damage the buttons (YODA SAYS:fragile they are!)

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