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Foam liner debacle

Judi Haseltine -

iPad Mini CDMA

iPad Mini CDMA Front Panel Assembly Replacement

iPad Mini CDMA Front Panel Assembly Replacement

1 - 2 uren


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This was for a customer. It was a A1432 mini iPad. I was to change out the cracked digitizer.

Mijn oplossing

I patiently started breaking down and removing the glass. I was following the tutorial literally and not having too much of a problem. Patience is called for. I have plenty of that. When I got to the insulating foam that keeps the the wire around the lcd protected, I found that I could not get any kind of foam gasket to replace the one I had to carefully scrap off. Without the foam problems can arise later with "ghosting".

I called iFixit and they could not refer me to a manufacturing company that made those gaskets nor did they have that part to sell me. I asked them if I could reassemble the ipad without the foam. They told me that problems could arise later if the foam was not in place. I checked with several companies online that say they fix cracked digitizers, but in various support groups they were talking about "ghosting" problems a lot. Maybe the ipad would work well for awhile and then problems would arise later. The foam sits directly on the wire and does not have a base of its own. The foam's function is to be an electrostatic buffer between the digitizer and the lcd. That is what keeps the "ghosting" from happening.

I ended up buying a new mini ipad for my customer. I handle my business with quality service and want to maintain my integrity with my customers. I will stick to cell phone repair. This was a learning experience.

Mijn advies

There is a need for someone to make the foam gasket for that part of the repair.

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