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Oh No Oops Silly Me

Patrick Thompson -

Mijn probleem

I was changing the battery in my friends Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4 and I accidentally cut the tiny tape wire volume control when I opened the tablet because I was using a razor knife. Oops !!! Didn't notice till I put it all back together and it didn't want to boot up.

So I searched the net for the part I needed. First I tried Ebay... that was a bust. So I just searched the net and I found the part available from iFixit.com. The price was right, but the shipping was a bit too high.. but I bought it anyway.

Mijn oplossing

I got it the part in about a week, and I fixed my friends tablet once again... this time I was careful.

The repair took less than two minutes, it was too simple. Just be careful taking the old cable out that you don't break any plastic hold down clips. The tablet works like a champ.

Mijn advies

My Advice?.... Don't use a razor knife to open a tablet or smart phone, there are tiny wires that are vulnerable you can accidentally cut like I did. Use a Plastic Pry tool or if you must use a razor knife open it from the opposite end of the volume/power controls, then use your fingers to finish the job opening.

Thank You iFixit for coming through for me.

I will keep you guys on hand for any future repairs, and I will refer you to my friends.

Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Volume Button Flex Cable afbeelding
Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Volume Button Flex Cable


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