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So close, but no cigar.

Joe White -

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Lightning Connector Assembly Replacement

iPhone 6 Lightning Connector Assembly Replacement

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Headphone jack was staticky and unusable. Apple informed me that, since it was out of warranty, a repair would cost $299, or could they interest me in the iPhone Upgrade I had nothing to lose.

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Did a initial exploratory opening of my iPhone 6 with the iSclack (which works like a champ!). Tried compressed air and then a little rubbing alcohol on a skinny brush, but no improvement. Ordered the iPhone 6 Lightning Connector Assembly Replacement. Disassembly guide was spot on, but a few things to note on reassembly:

• There is a tiny black rubber gasket that goes between the headphone jack and the iPhone case. I noticed it next to the old assembly just before I put the new assembly in. Be sure to place it around on the headphone jack before inserting into the hole of the case;

• There is a rubber spacer with a small hold that attaches to the microphone connector. It must be removed from the old connector, but the glue was tacky enough to attach to the new connector;

• Attaching the antenna cable connector is a *bear*. Could have shaved 10 minutes off the time if I had gotten it on the first try. What finally worked for me was positioning the cable head approximately where it should go, then using my thumb to gently press and nudge it around until it clicked in.

Having gotten it buttoned up, I powered it on (always satisfying after opening up a device), I plugged in a Lightning cable (started charging and syncing - Check!), unlocked (digitizer working - Check!), tried Siri (recognized and responded - Check and Check!), made call (other microphone - Check!), played a song and then plugged in the headphones - and nothing. No static, no controls, no microphone, sound just kept coming out of the speakers. Did I get a bum assembly? Any thoughts?

Mijn advies

I'm going to disassemble and and double check that the Lightning connector assembly cable is completely snug, but it seems that it should either all work or not work.

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