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iPad mini glass replacement

Mike Shank -

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My son shattered his screen again and I was sick of paying $100-$200 to fix it. Also Batteries Plus glass is the worst junk ever. It literally cracked in my hands when the woman handed it back to me in the store, just from the pressure of holding it by the corner with my thumb and first finger. So they gave me a warranty repair, and THAT cracked in my son's extra thick kids foam case the FIRST night (this same case kept the original glass in tact through almost two years of daily dropping, throwing and standing on it) bottom line: this glass so far is WAYYY better than batteries plus glass.

Mijn oplossing

Repair went well. It's kind of weird that the instructions didn't tell me how to fix it, they just told me how to take it apart..? I would have liked some advice on putting the thing back together instead of just "Follow these steps backwards". I mean, that's what you guys specialize in , right? Installing a new part?

Anyway, it works, I'm happy, and ARE YOU KIDDING ME with those screws? Why are there like 20 just to hold the shield on?! Jeez they're tiny, and the magnets on the side keep sucking them out of my tweezers when I try to put them back. I hope the kids in china that make these are getting paid a PRETTY penny to put this stuff together in the first place.

Mijn advies

The digitizer cable seems too long. That can be remedied by gently accordion folding it into the little pocket of space available, but what makes that difficult is that the adhesive on the screen grabs the cable and prevents it from folding where it needs to. I recommend not removing the adhesive covering until you've actually tried to place the screen so that you can see what kind of bend you need.

Another revelation I had - Batteries plus had repaired this ipad for me once before, and they didn't replace any of the tape or padding and even some screws were missing, so... if you want something done right, DIY!

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