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iFixit Gave Me the Confidence to Try!

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iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS Battery Replacement

iPhone 3GS Battery Replacement

20 - 30 minuten


Mijn probleem

My iPhone 3S was out of warranty and could no longer hold a charge for more than five minutes. I was considering buying a new iPhone 4S, but my AT&T equipment replacement voucher was not available until October 2012. I faced paying full retail for a new iPhone. I resorted to only being able to use my iPhone 3S plugged in -- which sort of defeated the purpose of having a smartphone. My use of the phone dropped to near never. Thankfully, I had an iPad2 to pick up the slack of my mobile life management. I checked online for a battery replacement and was introduced to iFixit. The guides gave me the confidence that I could fix the iPhone 3S myself. And the cost was worth the risk.

Mijn oplossing

I moved very slow and read each detail of the guide multiple times so that I did everything just as the guide described. I also watched the cool video of the repair. I saw that the Tech in the video used a small suction cup at one point when she removed the video screen unit from the form. I went to Walmart and bought a utility hook with a suction cup for $3 to accomplish this step in the repair. And I dove in. The disassembly procedure was flawless. The battery replacement was a snap. When I went to replace the Logic board, however, I discovered that I lost a screw -- the Number 7 screw of course -- the one under the Do Not Remove sticker -- the 2.9mm #00 Philips head screw. I searched around my work area and NOTHING! I was screwed. I went to the Apple Store at a nearby mall and they did not have the part. I went to Best Buy, Frys, Micro Center and even a Jeweler - NOTHING! I was about to lose it! I knew the part was a stress-point and was the only part that would work. So I tried one last place -- a phone kiosk in the middle of the Mall that sold iPhone covers and did minor repairs to iPhones. They had a small bag of screws that looked like they might work, so I bought one - praying to the Tech Gods that this iPhone Retail Holy Man had given me the answer to my quest. I was doubtful... BUT the screw was -- by grace -- the exact screw I needed. I finished the reassembly and hit the power button. I nearly cried when I saw my beloved Apple icon lighting the screen. A week later, my iPhone is back and better than ever - running this amazing life management tool and holding a good charge all day long! iFixit and another anonymous retail saint brought my iPhone back from the dead!

Mijn advies

My advice to iFixit:The repair pack came with the battery, a screwdriver and a smudger. It would have been helpful if it included the suction cup as well -- I didn't realize that iFixit sells the cup as a separate device until I got into the project. It would have also been helpful if the repair pack also included one of each of the screws required to resecure the Logic board to the form. Had I had these, the project that took 6 hours to complete would have only taken 20 minutes.

My advice to iFixit Customers: IFixit is the best solution for your repair project. The guides are straight forward, giving you real world tips written by real techs who actually have taken apart and reassembled your device. Give yourself a good bit of time for this repair, remain patient, go slow, pay attention and make sure you secure the screws to a magnet that you place away from your work area -- these things are microscopic and blow away with a strong breath or a magnetic field nearby, even static electricity -- which should be far away from your work area -- I worked in an all wooden environment in my bare feet to assure static electricity was at bay. Above all, buy the iFixit kit and follow their directions - to the T!!!! Your device will get a new life and you will get the confidence that in the future, should calamity visit another one of your devices, you can fix it. iFixit - so can you!!!!

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iPhone 3GS Replacement Battery


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