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All New Pro Tech Toolkit makes life too easy

Paul Churgin -

Mijn probleem

My Xbox One controller had something spilled on it. The buttons were incredibly sticky, and the normal methods did not yield any positive results. My last resort was having to disassemble the controller completely and clean off the buttons and bits individually

Mijn oplossing

The repair went flawlessly! The Pro Tech Toolkit has a neat little organization tray that I was able to put miscellaneous screws and buttons in neatly and organized. I've never had a legitimate toolkit for tech repairs, and having everything nice and neatly organized, and presented in a fashion that made everything easy to find and work with made the process extremely easy. I was able to pull the controller completely apart, clean off all the parts with a damp microfiber cloth, and reassembled the controller and it works as if it were brand new!

Mijn advies

The Xbox One Controller is a nightmare to work with. There are two different boards in the controller, and it's impossible to take off the top board completely without having to de-solder and re-solder the rumble packs from the board. Doesn't seem like the best design choice from Microsoft, but then again you void the warranty doing this kind of work. You can leave the board attached, it's just slightly in the way and makes life a bit more difficult. I'm not personally comfortable soldering anything, so I left the board attached. Still totally possible to replace buttons and mess with different bits on the controller, just makes life a bit more difficult with that first board in the way.

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