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Broken Power & Lock Button on iPhone 4 (AT&T)

Graham -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Power & Lock Button Replacement

iPhone 4 Power & Lock Button Replacement

15 - 30 minuten


Mijn probleem

- Power & Lock Button. It was either warped or the component underneath the physical button was dislodged or worn out. Couldn't silence a call or put display to sleep or turn off phone.

- Home Button was worn out. Lots of use, it started to become unresponsive recently. Pushing it would not always pull up the multitask bar or search function. Just plain worn out.

- Battery was not holding full charge anymore. After a full night of charging, only 80-85%.

Mijn oplossing

I bought the pro tech base toolkit, the power & lock (the physical button), the power and sensor cable, new home button, the iPhone 4 liberation kit, and a new battery.

I decided to do a major overhaul and replace a few old components since I was going to have the whole phone taken apart. I have to admit I was worried I was going to break something.

The phone works great now. No problems. Didn't break anything. All the buttons work like they did when I first bought it. I'm actually amazed I got it back together without any issues. Overall took about 3 hours at the kitchen table from start to finish.

Mijn advies

You don't have to be very tech savy to do these repairs, just patient. The directions from iFixit are spot on. Just follow each step. I used a table top magnifying lamp to see better. The screws are so small. Keep track of them. The pro tech base toolkit was absolutely essential. Especially the plastic tools, magnetic screw drivers, and tweezers. In the places where apple glued down components, just be gentle. I used one of the plastic spudger tools or iPod tools to pry them off. When reassembling, I used a small tube of regular superglue and put a small amount on the tip of the spudger and applied it where needed.

I honestly thought I might not be able to repair my iPhone. But it really can be done. The repair guides/manuals from iFixit are the real deal.

iPhone 4 and 4S Power and Lock Button afbeelding
iPhone 4 and 4S Power and Lock Button


iPhone 4/4S Liberation Kit afbeelding
iPhone 4/4S Liberation Kit


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