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Most Helpful, Detailed Instructions

Helge Gunther -

Power Mac G4 MDD

Power Mac G4 MDD Power Supply Replacement

Power Mac G4 MDD Power Supply Replacement

6 uren


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Computer refused to boot which was narrowed down after many other suggested remedies to a defective power supply. Replacing the power supply was not something that I had ever done before. But with the very detailed description given by Chris Green led me to a successful disassembly and removal of the power supply. I loved the detail of the description and the accompanying illustrations without any hands/fingers obstructing the critical part. I could stop at any step and continue with the next at my pace. Some other presentations move so fast that it is hard to follow. Kudos to Chris.

Mijn oplossing

Splendidly. The descriptions of every step was accompanied by excellent detailed illustrations.

Mijn advies

Given the various other instructions on the Internet for disassembling a MAC G4 Mirror Door computer, this is the most repair-friendly. Presenting individual steps guides at which one can pause, let one proceed at a comfortable way. Many other procedures whisk by so fast that they are hard to follow and the hands of the operator block critical aspects.

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