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Ipad Repair

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iPad Air Wi-Fi

iPad Air Wi-Fi Front Panel Assembly Replacement

iPad Air Wi-Fi Front Panel Assembly Replacement

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Mijn probleem

Screen was shattered.

Mijn oplossing

Instructions were perfectly clear. The kit includes the suction cup, but this is pretty worthless for two reasons;

1.) I repeatedly tried to heat the adhesive up; it simply would not let go.

2.) After half a dozen attempts of trying to heat the screen up to pull the screen up enough to get the guitar pick thingy under the glass, I really started pulling on the suction cup thing. This caused the screen to completely shatter into a eleventy billion pieces.

Mijn advies

Because of the likely hood of the screen shattering, I essentially ‘pealed’ the inside of the screen out (like taking the inside of a piece of bread out). I then used a knife to remove the material stuck to the adhesive around the edges; you have to be really careful when you do this. There will be a lot of adhesive still left around the edge. You HAVE to take your time doing this to insure you don’t damage the LCD screen. I did the area’s around the LCD mounting screws and electrical connections first so I could get the LCD out. Once the LCD was out, you still have to be careful to make sure you don’t puncture the batteries.

After all the glass was removed, I used some acetone and some flat polyester swaps (mcmaster carr PN: 7074T83) to remove the rest of the adhesive. This takes a bit because there’s a LOT of adhesive. I also had to use some can air to get all the tiny glass pieces out of the unit. I also used some kimwipes to help clean (including the LCD Screen)

When you put it back together, just TAKE YOUR TIME making sure everything is lined up and good to go. Once back together, turned in on and everything works great.

GET THE FULL DIGITIZER ASSEMBLY. Don't waste your money on those cheaper kits. This kit was perfect. I couldn't imagine wasting my time trying to re-attache the cables and considering how the screen shatters, it's highly doubtful they'd be salvageable after getting the screen off.

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