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hard drive replacement

Lee Miltner -

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Repaie guide used was iMac Intel 17" hard drive replacement

My hard drive on my 10 year old iMac G5 was in obvious distress. Utility check indicated it needed to be replaced. Of course it is out of warranty so I decided to tackle the job myself.

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I could not believe how easy it was. The instruction on the repair guide were perfectly clear. I just brought the guide up on my laptop and went step by step and had the drive replaced and machine back together in a coulee of hours The only problem I had had nothing to do with the fixit guide. When I went to instal OS X from my CD's the optical drive could not read them. I went to authorized apple repair and they found out the CD's would not work in my computer, which is odd because they are the only instal disks I have. I had the repair service instal Leopard and now I have my desk top up and running. Thank you fixit.


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Get a role of aluminum Demi tape to repair shielding. And the screwdriver mentioned below is extremely helpful.

TR10 Torx Security Screwdriver afbeelding
TR10 Torx Security Screwdriver


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