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Undead IPhone 5!!!

John Geralds -

iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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Mijn probleem

My problem seemed to be that the phone was charging longer, and lasting less time if the display was left on with certain camera apps.,etc.

I recommend buying repair kit and battery together. $30.00 and worth it... The tools were absolutely needed, and probably your not going to find these sizes easily. They are very small torx, and phillips screw drivers, a non-marring tool, and suction cup, oh and the battery. Same as original it seems.

Mijn oplossing

Once I pulled on the screen with the suction cup just above the button at the bottom of the phone, I slipped in the head of the non-marring tool to slide in between the bottom and the top display. Once I ran the tool all of the way around the screen and base I could see the display lifting up and out. Once I cleared all of the clips around the display reinserting tool in areas that haven't released yet. The display came right up, as I tilted it towards the top where the connections were still plugged in on board. I removed the screws from the metal covers. The first one seems to have one screw that isn't magnetic, so it it tricky putting it back into the area that it need to be. Tweezers might help you, and it is the middle screw on the first item that you will remove. Mine was slightly hooked on the opposite side of the metal cover, so I had to carefully maneuver cover after screws were removed to remove cover. On the center side opposite the screws, it seems to need to be flat while sliding it towards the center of phone to un-clip bottom edge only. The three screws will release it, but you have to somewhat unhook the opposite side. My struggle was getting the specialized plugs to re-seat properly. They will click, double check them before you put covers back on. It is challenging to hold up display, while doing maneuvers. You might want helping hands or a jig to help you hold things in place. Once I got to the battery removal. I put the tool in the area of the plug, and apply upward pressure and holding it until it releases from the tape underneath. Not too much pressure, but enough that after about 10-15 seconds the battery will start to peel up from the tape. Remember to only pry where they show in video. I only used the spot by the plug and did just fine. But very sticky tape like this releases with pressure slowly, without much trouble if your patient. Over 15 seconds you will need just a little more pressure to release battery. You will have luck if your patient. Not difficult either. Just slow...

Mijn advies

See The Repair - How did it go? Just above for my enlightenment and advise.

iPhone 5 Replacement Battery afbeelding
iPhone 5 Replacement Battery


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