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kindle fire charging port swap

chad mcelravy -

Mijn probleem

My son's 7" Kindle fire HD would not charge anymore. I am guessing because of all the time he spent playing while it was plugged in put pressure on the port.

Mijn oplossing

I popped open the case with an eyeglass screwdriver. Then popped the connector laying over top of the charging port ribbon cable. I unscrewed the two screws holding the charging port in place. This part needed a star screwdriver, but could have used a very small flathead screwdriver. I then popped the ribbon cable connector, put the new port in, and reversed the process.

Mijn advies

The youtube video on the ifixit site was most helpful. I use youtube in this way for so, so, many things.

Also, the part description says 2nd Gen, but My son's kindle fire is a third gen. I guess it was the same for both because it works perfect.

Kindle Fire HD 7" 2013, 2nd Gen Charging Assembly Afbeelding
Kindle Fire HD 7" 2013, 2nd Gen Charging Assembly


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