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First iPad mini digitizer FPC conection repair

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Mijn probleem

The digitizer stopped responding because 3 of the Pins on the FPC conection came off when replacing the digitizer.

Mijn oplossing

For my first time doing this level of repair it went really well.

Ordered 5 connectors just in case, and the repair took 3 tries but it finally worked.

Mijn advies

Be extremely careful not to move small fuses when taking off the old FPC I suggest using kapton tape to cover close areas of the board that will be near your working area, also don't worry about melting the old plastic FPC a little it's coming off anyway. Use a soldering rework air gun to get old connector off. Then clean the surface and take off old solder, put down thin fresh layer of solder (don't forget to use flux). Then once you have all pads with light layer of solder put some flux over all pads. Place the new FPC connector exactly lined up to the pads. Take your time with that to make 100% sure. Then heat the FPC from the BOTTOM of the board at a slight angel toward the FPC. You will see the flux move inside of the FPC, add more flux and heat again, could take up to 3 times. DO NOT PRESS ON THE CONNECTION WITH ANY TOOLS AS IT WILL MELT INTO THE FPC AND RUIN IT. Once cool check all connections for movement, clean surface with alcohol and a tooth brush. Make sure it's 100% clean before testing.

Congrats you have fixed a digitizer not working.

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