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Repair went well, but....

Dave3LLM -

iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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The screen on my iphone 5 had gone dead. Except for the home-button-bracket (which was in perfect condition), I decided it would be better to effect a complete replacement of the entire screen assembly. While I was at it, I figured it also would be a good idea to replace the battery.

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The repair itself went -- everything went off without a hitch, and all works properly. However, there are two maters that require addressing:

1. The covering of the LCD (what most people would call "the screen") has a "loose spot" where it clearly is not attached properly to the LCD. The result of this is that the "loose spot" moves visibly up and down (and makes a clicking sound) when that portion of the covering is pressed. (Side note: I am not entirely certain that the covering of the LCD actually is made of gorilla glass -- I have reason to believe it is made of some type of plastic.)

2. Despite being new, the battery yields talk-time of only between five and six hours. This is the second time I have replaced the battery on this phone (the first time, the battery also was ordered through ifixit), and the first time I did so, the new battery yielded talk-time of around eight hours. The vast discrepancy in quality between the two leads me to believe that there is little in the way of quality control or standards regarding the supplier for ifixit.... and they really need to fixit.

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Although I was able to attach the home-button-ribbon-cable with just my fingers, it would have been easier with tweezers.

I did not take photos of the process.... just picture an iphone 5, and you will know how everything turned out.

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