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iPhone 4 Battery Replacement Made Easy

Arthur Olsen -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

iPhone 4 Battery Replacement

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The original battery in my iPhone 4 was showing signs of age. The discharge rate from 100% to 30% was reduced from about 3 or 4 days to about 1 day with moderate use. The time between the 20% warning and phone shutdown was reduced to minutes, not hours, even if the phone was not being used. It was obvious that a new battery was needed.

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I ordered the battery replacement kit from iFixit on a Wednesday afternoon and within hours it was shipped and on its way to me. The kit was well packaged and arrived in excellent condition (although delayed a couple of days by the blizzard of 2016).

The included screw drivers are clearly not intended for everyday use, but are sufficient for the purpose a one time repair. My phone is an older model that does not use the pentalobe screws but I bought the full kit for use when I need to replace the battery in my wife's phone.

Replacing the battery turned out to be as easy as the videos and on-line guides suggest. The total job took me between 10 and 15 minutes to complete.

For me, the only tricky part of the repair was keeping the mounting hole on the contact clip aligned with the matching holes on the battery connector and logic board. Getting the proper bend in the battery connector cable was the key to getting right.

The replacement battery came with an 83% charge. It took 2 days of very heavy usage (lots of web surfing with WiFi, running various apps that keep the back-light on, etc.) to discharge the battery below 10% so I could do the calibration charge. Since then, the battery is at 50% after 3-1/2 days of normal usage.

This repair is a total success.

Mijn advies

When delivery of the replacement was delayed by the blizzard, I took the time to watch as many battery replacement videos and read as many guides as I could find on-line. While they are all basically the same, some give a slightly different perspective that I found useful.

Because the screws are so small, a magnetic screwdriver is very helpful when putting the phone back together. I made mine magnetic by putting a small magnet on the shaft of the screw driver. Worked perfectly.

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iPhone 4 Replacement Battery


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