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MacBook Pro- Limp Mode

Mark Knoedler -

MacBook Unibody Model A1278

MacBook Unibody Model A1278 RAM Replacement

MacBook Unibody Model A1278 RAM Replacement

10 minuten


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Battery 6+years old, finally required a nonstop plug in charge. Basically, a desktop laptop. Slow and lots of beach balls was a normal function.

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So, I scouted this iFixit site and logged it for later. After reading many reviews. I was sold on the battery for sure. The information was spot on. Many review's expressed similar issues. The how to video's are totally awesome, and very direct. No time consuming yabba dabba do's and dont's. Just straight ahead, here is how to make it happen. Thanks iFixit!!!

After ordering Mid '09 MBP battery and two 2GB Ram cards and the tool kit, I decided to replace the battery in my 4GS iPhone too. I actually orded the liberation kit. I ordered everything on Saturday, and it was ready for pick up, on Wednesday. Awesome shipping. Installed the MBP battery and RAM cards in thirty minutes. Charged it overnight, and my Mac is back with El Cap. The iPhone 4GS battery was a very easy replacement too. The factory adhesive is very sticky and strong. Just take your time. The ground terminal comes loose, and needs to be installed back where it lives, after installing the new battery. Once again, take your time, and all can go well!! iFixit Rocks!!

Mijn advies

If anything, the 000 Phillips is a better fit than 00. Have a magnifying glass handy. Other than the tiny atmosphere of tinyness, and plenty of clean work area, it is just a smooth operation. iFixit makes it simple and fast.

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