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Kindle HDX 8.9 Not Charging

Josh Webster -

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My wife has a Kindle HDX 8.9 that wasn't charging. After a little research online, I decided try and repair it.

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The repair went great. Taking apart the Kindle was the most difficult part. After opening up device I discovered the "charging assembly" was damaged on pin connector. With a very small screwdriver and tweezers I removed old assembly and broken piece of pin connector. It took some time to find part until I found The replacement part was identical to original and easily fit back into device. Put everything back together, charged device, and Kindle is working fine now.

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I have very little experience working on electronics. With a little online guidance (and some very little tools!) I think most people could do a repair like this. My wife ordered a brand new Kindle to replace this "broken" one, for over $ 300. Now I have a Kindle of my own to use, for the repair price of about $15. THANK YOU!!!!

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" (3rd Gen APOLLO Wi-Fi) Charging Assembly Afbeelding
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9" (3rd Gen APOLLO Wi-Fi) Charging Assembly


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