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iphone 6 screen mosaic

Mark Bailey -

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

iPhone 6 Screen Replacement

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The phone had been dropped more than once and now glass pieces were falling out. It was bad. Daughter is miss clumsy and I had put off getting it fixed because of the cost. Just two months before I had bought her the new phone because she had destroyed the old one. I decided to fix it myself this time because it would be less expensive in the long run. To get the phone replaced with insurance would cost $200. To get the parts, the islack and the Pro tool kit cost $240. I know the cost is more initially. Considering the wait time between getting the insurance to fix the phone and knowing the phone will be dropped again, I figured this to be a savings. So far so good. The parts kit is packaged great! The tools are the bomb! The islack tool makes this go so much easier than the horror stories I'd heard. With the tutorial from Ifixit and the tools, some good lighting it was easy. With some guidance from Dad, my daughter actually did the screen swap including R&R the home button herself. To be fair, my daughter just turned 20. So, not being a teenager anymore, she didn't know everything and listened. A truly great bonding moment. Thanks!

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The repair went smooth. No hiccups. My daughter is happy and now so am I. Whew!

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You can do this. Prep well. Light, and a clean work space are huge. The screws are so tiny. Don't sneeze.

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