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Shattered glass and digitizer

ottomtx -

iPad 4 CDMA

iPad 4 CDMA Front Panel Replacement

iPad 4 CDMA Front Panel Replacement

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Mijn probleem

Was almost unusable after my dog knocked it out of my hand onto some concrete.

Mijn oplossing

I honestly think that having the glass shattered made the repair easier. It was definitely extra work having to clean everything out and the mounting tape didn't come off with the screen, but the shattering gave me a good place to start prying up what was still in one piece. The way it shattered also showed me the delicate wifi antennae and where exactly it was, so I didn't have to hope I wasn't going to break it as I was peeling away around that area.

Mijn advies

If you are replacing the digitizer and glass assembly, as in its damaged and has no chance of being used again, don't be afraid to peel the little pieces away or break the screen s bit more as you're doing it. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EYE PROTECTION and slowly pry away at loose pieces so you can see what's underneath if you aren't sure. No photos were taken, so sorry I can't show more. Also, if you come to the point of having to pick out the little pieces around the edge, I definitely recommend a metal blade that you are VERY comfortable using. Even if it's a bit dull, it's much easier for scraping up the glue/tape around the edges and removing the stuck pieces of glass. I stress this again: BE VERY CAREFUL IF USING A METAL BLADE AROUND ANY DELICATE PARTS. This is why I say be comfortable using it, as if it does slip, it can potentially cause more harm than a plastic one.

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