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deborah41bee -

iPhone 3G

iPhone 3G Battery Replacement

iPhone 3G Battery Replacement

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iphone 3 battery couldn't keep a charge - Cell provider said it would cost upwards of $100 to send the phone out to have the battery replaced!?! Bought a new phone instead. My engineer brother said, order a new battery on iFixit and do it yourself. Didn't think I could do it myself - what do I know about electronics stuff?

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Hey! There's a GIRL in the video changing the iphone battery! With my inner GirlGeek awakened, I ordered the battery, and the spudger (have to google the etymology for that!) that other reviewers suggested. I had a paperclip and a suction cup handy already. The package arrived quickly. Maybe too quickly! Uh, oh, now I have to try this. Wow! Such tiny-ness! Miniature connectors! I scrutinized the pictures in the online instructions... I was terrified I'd break something. Excellent suggestion from another reviewer to use tape to keep track of those tiny screws & bits! (I also labeled the bits of tape) The little magnetic screwdriver in the kit is Fantastic. I had my own philips head screwdriver with a larger grip handle, but opted for the magnetized one in the kit. I followed the instructions, which were excellent, and kept the comments from the video in mind (such as coming from the side with the spudger to release the old battery from the adhesive)... and finished reassembling the phone without any extra parts. The iphone turned on and charged up fine! Yea! I ended up starting one late afternoon, got called away, and finished the next day... I was being super careful and was terrified of breaking something since I've NEVER taken apart a cell phone before, so it took me much much longer than it should have. (& I'm slow anyway.) I could definitely do it faster now!

Mijn advies

What I discovered in this adventure: I CAN DO THIS! I should also probably listen to my brother more... And I'm old enough now that I need reading glasses for seeing tiny things like this...

Wish I had known about iFixit before buying another cell phone, but now this phone is functioning again!

The reviewer comments were immensely helpful, especially the tips to keep organized while dismantling, and the success stories bolstered my own confidence, too.

For the next person doing this repair: do your homework with the video and instructions, read the comments, prepare a good work space with ample light, keep it organized. You can do this! And save a bunch of money in the process!

It would be great if you all could take the used batteries, or suggest where the used batteries can be properly disposed of.

Now i'm going to be running around the house looking for other e gadgets in need of repair! There's no stopping me now!

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iPhone 3G Replacement Battery


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