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Trackpad Horror!

lshaugh917 -

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I wouldn't consider myself a clumsy person, perhaps accident prone. I was walking into work and slipped down some steps (it had been raining all morning) and my backpack hit the step behind me. I thought nothing of it and went on about my day. Later that evening, I opened my laptop to find a spiderweb like, shattered trackpad. I immediately came to this site to order my replacement part and tools.

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Repair was fine. The step by step guidelines that the site offers makes the process very easy. I stripped the last 6 screws that allow you to get the trackpad out. I reconciled that situation by taking it to a local shop. Details are found below.

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Three pieces of advice.

One, order the tools from the site. I thought "nah, I can find them locally." Just order them from here. It's a total pain in the butt to find the tools locally and the store associates will look at you then walk away in self shame for not knowing what you were talking about.

Two, don't strip the screws. The last 6 (black, 1.6mm) screws pose as the gate keepers. These are the most difficult to deal with. I stripped all 6 of them not knowing that you have to press down extremely hard on both sides of the trackpad in order to get them out. I took it to "Simply Mac" at The Avenues in Marietta, GA and explained to the associate that I'm an impatient idiot. He sighed and got the screws out. He also advised that if this happens, turn the screwdriver slightly right, then left to gain traction. I thanked him and told him that he was my hero.

Three, the silver screw located at the bottom of the trackpad (on the inside) allows the clicking mechanism to operate properly. Don't try to screw this one all the way down. Once you tighten the screw to the few threads at the top of the opening, stop. If you DO try to screw this down tight, it will get stuck and you'll have to take the trackpad out and do it all over again. Be sure to check that the "clicking" operates before putting your laptop back together.

Overall, easy experience. The hiccups were due to my own stubbornness and impatience.

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