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Cracked iPhone 5 Screen

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iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

iPhone 5 Screen Replacement

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iPhone 5 had been dropped onto a concrete floor and received a spiderweb of cracks across its screen.

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The repair went well and with a little time the new screen transferred over nicely. I had to transfer over the old home button and, more carefully, the old home button ribbon cable but those ended up where they needed to be. One screw that held the home button in place was lodged into its insert and stripped at its top so I had to bend the small metal bar above the home button out of place to get access to it. Fortunately, the bar popped out with the screw so I was able to transfer over the piece and, with only one side screwed back into place, get it on the new phone screen.

So a bit of improvisation proved necessary.

Mijn advies

- While it says so in the description of the item be aware that the iPhone 5 with Display Assembly does not come accompanied with a Home Button or a Home Button Ribbon Cable. You have to transfer over those yourself.

- The small Phillips head screwdriver may not work with all the tiny screws it is intended to remove, such as the two small screws that hold the home button mount in place. I had to use a different Phillips head screwdriver from an eyeglass repair kit I had laying around.

- The suction cup does not totally lift the screen out of the metal case. At best it will get you a small amount of space to wedge in your pry bar and begin working out the screen. The screen may crack and splinter even more as you're in the process of removal, but this is fine since it's being removed anyway.

- Experiment with which side of the double-sided pry bar is best for the particular task you are on. They didn't seem that different to me (I thought there would be two instruments as shown in the video and some screenshots but there's merely one double-sided instrument) but apparently they are not identical.

- Don't panic.

- Use a refrigerator magnet turned upside-down to hold onto the screws while you're performing the repairs. This will help keep them from rolling around. Additionally, place the magnet in a pan with sides in case something does come off the magnet.

- The screws are the tiniest fastening devices I have ever seen.

- Be patient. This repair can work very well provided you follow the video and make note of any deviations there might be for what you need to do, such as working without the iOpener or other gadgets the person in the vid has. The same video is used for both the Display Assembly with Front Camera and the bare screen you can purchase on its own, so depending on what you need to replace this repair may have more steps. Since I got the screen with the camera and other devices this was less complicated.

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