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To err is human, to promptly correct an error builds trust

Don -

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Recently, I needed to replace the battery on my 6-year old Dell Adamo 13. I referred to the clearly written Dell Adamo 13 Teardown and clicked on the "Buy these tools" button to order all the recommended tools.

After receiving the tools, I realized that I still had no way to open the computer case. Investigation revealed that the required metal spudger was not listed at the top of the teardown with all the other required tools. However, it was clearly listed in the section that detailed opening the case.

Mijn oplossing

I contacted iFixit and acknowledged that both of us had dropped the ball somewhat. Amazingly, they sent the metal spudger to me via UPS 2-day priority (at their expense) and promptly revised the teardown.

The repair went flawlessly--just in time for an important trip I was about to take.

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Having worked as a consultant to the Nuclear Power industry where quality and prompt corrective actions are critical, I give the iFixit personnel a huge commendation for excellence in customer service, problem resolution, and supplying quality products. They definitely went above and beyond and have earned my loyalty!

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