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Unremarkable battery replacement

Matt -

iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

15 minuten - 1 uur


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The usual — charge depleted rapidly and randomly powered down when displaying a percentage left divisible by one

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Had all of the tools I needed between a previous battery repair kit, spudger set, and iFixit's 54 bit assortment. Or so I thought. When the time came I couldn't find the suction cup from a few years back. And at 2am the only store open was a wally world a half hour away. So I ended up using a razor blade to get the display removal started. Minor cosmetic damage to the finish, so I don't recommend this method if one is planning on selling their phone later. Once I got it open I attempted to try to remove the old battery without removing the display. Lacking a third hand and sufficient experience to know exactly what to do, this didn't work out too well. Display removed. After that I poked at it for a bit, not wanting to damage the old battery or any of the components. That accomplished nothing. Pull tab would not budge. Tried using a microwaved gel heating pad (covered with cloth) underneath the case as a heat source to loosen the glue. I have no idea if this worked, but I eventually heard the glue giving way when pulling with an angled spudger from the suspiciously convenient notch along the left edge of the body. I grabbed an old credit card, slid it underneath, and pushed. It started coming up slowly but steadily. Huzzah! There was enough glue left that the new battery was held in place just fine. The bottom-most display cable was a little tough to seat properly, but eventually it got lined up. Closed everything back up, plugged in, and boom: working phone. Had issues syncing time at first: it was consistently 23 minutes slow even after toggling the auto time retrieval setting. Walked away to do research on the computer, came back and it was synced properly.

After a few full charging cycles (resisting the urge to plug in at 35% or so as I've had to do for the past few months), the replacement battery seems to be working fine. It still feels like it drains a bit fast when I'm actively using it, but "new phone performance" was so long ago that I can't reliably compare it to past experience. I can easily get 12+ hours out of it using the phone occasionally (e.g. like a normal person, and not web browsing on 3G (yay Sprint) and constantly checking for new Black Friday deals).

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Next time I'm trying dental floss. And making sure I've got a suction cup handy.

iPhone 5 Replacement Battery afbeelding
iPhone 5 Replacement Battery


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