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Battery Replacement - Easy and Done!

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iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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This was a gift phone from our kids to use on their plan; the battery life was very short.

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Easy and thanks to your guides.

Mijn advies

First, the suction cup method would NOT work for me; I used a sharp blade and the cover popped right up. Second, I used two small strips of duct tape to ensure the top would not fly open and tear the video cables; did not need them but hearing the stories of others.... Third, I used a hair dryer on low to loosen the battery glue from the backside and the battery lifted right off using the pull tab. Fourth, getting the battery cable back on actually took quite a bit of time. Fifth, when I put the cover back on, I turned the phone over and put the glass side down and pressed it together that way as some said they broke the glass doing it the other way.

The phone is charging right now and works fine; I checked it all out before putting it on charge. I think the battery was like 50% charged when I turned the phone on.

The magnetic mat really is handy to keep all the screws in their proper places.

Thanks ifixit!

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