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iPhone Home button issue

Rakesh Thakare -

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Home Button Replacement

iPhone 5 Home Button Replacement

45 minuten - 2 uren


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I started having issues with iphone5. When I pressed power/ lock button it took the screen shot and then hung up. It also restarted automatically after that. Initially I thought it was something to do with software so I reset phone completely and reinstalled from backup, but issue still existed. I found out that most likely it was an issue with home button, or home button cable.

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I ordered parts and tool kits from ifixit.com. followed the video and instructions closely. I had hard time taking glass screen off from the base but finally got it out. I also had issues with taking two contact points out from home button cable and ended up damaging one of the contact points while taking old cable out. (Luckily had replacement cable). I also found out that contact points for home button were not aligned correctly and not sure if I had messed them up when i tried to open top glass.

Once I fix all of these parts, I thought I had solved the issue. Its worked fine for few minutes but then started to show same problems. So i did more search and found out that it could be issues with two contact points (gold plated prongs) in phone. I spend the phone gain and realigned them again to make sure they look similar to as shows in some pictures from ifixit.com. So far its been working fine.

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yes, I think you should mention about these two contact points on iPhone that touches the home button ribbon cable. If they are messed up then even with new parts issues still exists.

Also, one of the videos on your website shows that these contact points get misaligned while trying to open top glass cover. I am attaching pictures of misaligned contact points from your website and correctly aligned contact points.

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