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Love the new battery life

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iPhone 5s

How to replace the battery in your iPhone 5s

How to replace the battery in your iPhone 5s

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I've owned my iPhone 5s for about 2 years. For the past few months the battery has been terrible. If I spent an hour web browsing on my phone I'd loose something like 15% of my battery life. I could get by a whole day without killing my battery as long as I didn't play with my phone at all. I missed the good old days when I first got my iPhone and could use it liberally without worrying about my battery life.

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I enjoy tinkering and solving problems. I thought this would be a fun experience and it definitely was. I would feel differently if it wasn't successful. There are 3 main tricky areas where I felt I could have potentially damaged my phone.

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Tricky areas:

1) I found it difficult opening the phone. After removing the two screws adjacent to the lightning connector I used the suction that was included in the iFixit kit to try and lift the front face of the phone from the back. I found I had to apply quite a bit of force to open it. I was worried I would bend and crack the front screen in the process or even rip out the wire connecting the fingerprint scanner. I didn't break anything but I definitely could have. I was a bit forceful and damaged my screen a little. I now have some very slight screen bleeding at the base of my screen. If you're not feeling risky get the iSclack and save yourself the worry. Good luck.

2) You will most likely not be able to remove the adhesive strips underneath the battery as shown in the video. They will break. Don't freak out. Go grab a butter knife, wedge in under the battery, and rock it side to side to slowly raise it from the adhesive strips. Worked relatively well. I hear you can also use a blow dryer to warm the phone, making the adhesive strips less strong.

3) In order to reattach the LCD screen there are 3 front panel assembly cables in the top right corner that you need to clip back in. They are small and it is difficult to know if you actually clipped them in because of their small size. Don't use a tool to reconnect them, use your finger. You will be able to guide the connector better and you will feel the connector clip in when you're in the right spot.

Good luck!

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