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The kid's phone

kellyevans730 -

iPhone 5

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

How to replace your iPhone 5 battery

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So the kid walks up one day and says my phone didn't charge last night. so we tried a different charger and cable for a little bit and notice that wasn't work, so decided to take a closer look. We notice that there was some lint in the connector and thought great easy fix. Pulled the lint out and notice that the center pin in the connector looked a lot shorter then the rest. Did a little internet search for what the connector was supposed to look like and found that the connector was broke. Figure if I was going to tear this thing down that far might as well put a new battery in it at the same time.

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For me that hardest part of the repair was actually getting the screen off, I think this was due the the phone being dropped a few dozen times, after all it does belong to the kid, So the corners are smashed in a little bit. The instructions on the site were really easy to follow. Like the fact that the screws are color coded in the directions, which made it really easy to keep them separated and reassembly go without a hitch. all in all it took around 45 min to complete.

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A few thing I noticed that the site pic's don't show very well. when pulling the screen from the body there is a rubber gasket around the outside edge, this need to come out with the screen. Mine the gasket was wanting to stay with the rest of the body, I think this is due to the phone being dropped and the corners being bent in a little. Just take your time and use the spudger to help lift it out. The one other thing I found was the the standoff were a little harder to get out then I thought, almost think that a different tool other then a flat blade screwdriver would work better, but everything I had was way to big. Also keep an eye on the washers under the connector I had two that were stuck to the bottom and the others were still in the case.

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