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My nephew can take his selfies now.

fernieboy01 -

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s LCD and Digitizer Replacement

iPhone 5s LCD and Digitizer Replacement

30 minuten - 1 uur


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This repair was for my nephew. He was walking down the street with his phone in his hand. A skater flew past him knocking the phone out of his hand and on to the pavement. The screen of course cracked, so he asked his uncle to come to the rescue.

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Luckily there is not much to tell, I ordered the kit and followed the youtube video. The repair probably took a little under an hour. My only hick up was having the apply heat to the adhesive. I didn't have the forethought of buying a heating pad so I ended up heating water in the microwave and poring it into a plastic bag. It was a little sketchy, but it did the trick. I also was worried about damaging the grounding pad on the back of the screen but we I placed in on the new screen it seemed to be fine.

Mijn advies

Remember that this is going to require some heat, so be prepared before you start taking things apart. To test that all went well make sure to have the owner present or have them give you the passcode. You can test the touch screen, home button, and test that the fingerprint scanner denies you access. You can also call the phone to know if the speaker and microphone work. But after a full reboot state you can not test the front camera without entering the passcode at least once. Using the camera shortcut on the lock screen will ask you to enter the passcode. But I found out the camera worked the next day after checking my nephews instgram, aaah youth.

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