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mini heater repair

ionyanti -

Mijn probleem

well as some of you may know, women tend to have long hair and that hair tends to get EVERYWHERE! (including the fan in a little electric heater) so instead of throwing ANYTHING away, i am one to reverse manufacture the device (whatever it may be) and diagnose the problem. 9 times out of 10 i can usually find the problem and figure whether i can (without the order of new parts) fix it or not. i usually can. i am a firm believer the IFIXIT way. anyhow. upon opening the heater because the fan was not working, i found that my wife's hair and become so abundantly twisted around the axle of the electric motor between the motor and the actual fan, it had almost stopped it from rotating completely.

Mijn oplossing

i find that the most difficult part of any repair is the reverse manufacturing of the device. due to the unknown, i.e. lack of schematics. location of the screws (if any), the location of locking clips. (the plastic snaps that hold each side of the plastic cover together) and the pulling apart of all parts of the unknown device as not to break, tear or un-articulate any wires, circuits or pieces that might inhibit it from being reassembled again in a working and operational fashion. but once this is done the rest is much easier. the repair went well. i removed all the hair and reassembled the heater and it is now working good as new.

Mijn advies

my advice with repairing any device. (whatever it may be) always document the usage of screws such as their size, type and location. i have worked on some laptops that wont even work unless there are certain screws in their correct placement and snug in their designated spot. so unless you have a very powerful memory. it is important (especially if it is a device never before opened or unfamiliar to you) to always write down and document how many, the size, the type and the location of the screws the hold it together. that way you have your own little set of instructions to go by when putting it back together. because you also never know when something more important might come up and you have to leave in the middle of a repair and you might not make it back to that repair before you have forgotten how you took it apart or what screw went it what hole. trust me on this, i have made this mistake myself. (many times). lol thank you for reading. good luck. ;)

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