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iPhone 5C battery and lightning/headphone jack


iPhone 5c

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iPhone 5c Battery Replacement

15 - 45 minuten


Mijn probleem

The battery was dying at about 70% charge. Apple said I needed to wait a week for an appointment and they couldn't say if the store would have the battery at my appointment. So I remembered about ifixit and found the battery for a faction of the apple price.

Mijn oplossing

The repair was pretty straight forward. I skipped some steps in the guide. I didn't remove the screen just flipped it up 90 degrees so I could get to the parts. I realized after putting it back together that one of the contacts for the home button got bent. It broke off completely when I tried to bend it back so I used a drop of solder where the contact was and that worked but I ordered the tbolt and headphone module anyway since it was only $25. That part was a bit harder to install but not bad. The guides and pics on the site are very well done.

Mijn advies

Be careful of the contacts for the home button they are very tiny and delicate. No need to remove the screen or the battery if you are just replacing the tbolt/hdph module. Just take your time and never force anything. I did notice there was a metal tab with a screw hole on the original tbolt/hdph module that was not on the replacement part but everything works fine so much respect to Ifixit for the help!

iPhone 5c Replacement Battery afbeelding
iPhone 5c Replacement Battery


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