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ipad front glass repair

jwsalvin -

iPad 3 Wi-Fi

iPad 3 Wi-Fi Front Panel Replacement

iPad 3 Wi-Fi Front Panel Replacement

2 - 3 uren


Mijn probleem

Daughter dropped iPad onto concrete basement floor while following an online saxophone lesson.

Mijn oplossing

Process was slow - took nearly an hour to remove the glass because it was badly shattered at the recommended start point (right edge, 2inches from top). Once glass was removed, the rest of the process was relatively straightforward.

Online directions - both the video and the written directions - from ifixit - were simply outstanding. Clear with excellent illustrations and photos. The only part that could have been highlighted a bit more in the written directions was remembering to lift the small mechanism before pulling out the ribbon cable. Otherwise I was quite pleased.

The fixit tool set was invaluable, btw. I would recommend it to anyone.

The iPad is repaired, looks great, and is fully functional again. Thank you!

Mijn advies

Read ALL directions first (at least once) before starting. Watch the video (at least once) prior to starting. Remember to release the small plastic latch on the ribbon cables before attempting to pull them out. Remember to engage the cables completely and close the latch before replacing the LCD and glass!

iPad 3 Screen afbeelding
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