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Cost effective not to mention fun

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iPad Mini CDMA

iPad Mini CDMA Front Panel Assembly Replacement

iPad Mini CDMA Front Panel Assembly Replacement

1 - 2 uren


Mijn probleem

A few months ago the digitizer on my iPad mini started acting with a mind of its own. It would open apps itself and at one point it even ordered an app for $4.99! I had it looked at by a shop to repair and they quoted me $250, Apple even offered to give me $100 as a trade in towards a new tablet! After looking around I decided to order the parts and do it myself to save money.

Mijn oplossing

At first the repair process took quite awhile, melting the glue around the bezel and then popping the screen off was by far the hardest part. Once I had the front panel off everything else went great! It was amazing to to see what was actually behind the screen of a product that nearly everyone felt they must have. After installing the new front panel and putting it back together I powered it up. To my surprise it didn't work. The screen turned on but the digitizer was still dead. I removed the front panel and noticed that the ribbon connector for the digitizer was not fully connected. Plugged it in fully and put it back together in about 15 minutes the second time. Fired it up and it worked like a gem!

Mijn advies

Make sure to keep the iopener very hot when melting the adhesive. This is the hardest part and the heat will only make it easier!

iPad mini 1/2 Screen afbeelding
iPad mini 1/2 Screen


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