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Daughter's iPhone Disaster

dbaldwin1911 -

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s LCD and Digitizer Replacement

iPhone 5s LCD and Digitizer Replacement

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Being an android guy, it took some convincing before I before I bought my daughter a refurbished iPhone. Fearing the worse, I took out the insurance through the carrier. Sure enough, she dropped it coming home from school. Imagine my outrage when they wanted $175 deductible to repair a cracked screen. Being the DIY type (and somewhat on the cheap side), I looked into doing the job myself.

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Ordered up the repair kit from iFixit since I'd used them to repair old iBooks and Powerbooks. Thought there would be an instruction sheet, but since I didn't see one I went to the website. I also viewed the YouTube video. I also purchased the iSlack just to make sure I didn't do more damage during the repair. Everything is fairly straightforward. I found it easier than replacing the screen on a nexus 4. I struggled a bit reattaching the various cables. I don't care for the connectors that Apple uses. Otherwise it was an easy job, and for half the money my daughter's phone is as good as the day we bought it.

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Make sure you keep the screws separate as they are different sizes. I lost time finding the right combination when it came time to reassemble the phone. Be patient with the connectors when you reassemble. Otherwise it's an easy job. I don't know why so many people walk around with cracked iPhones. Buy the kit already

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