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Galaxy S5 Screen Replacement

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iOpener Instructions

iOpener Instructions

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I broke my screen hitting it with a stick accidentally...

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The screen was much harder to get off that the tutorial or videos online make it seem. Once it's off though, easy peasy. It took 1-2 hours to do it, I have no prior phone repair experience. Getting the screen out was difficult because the glue didn't seem to melt very much. As I worked my way around the screen it just broke more as I went, which made it a more difficult process since the screen itself wasn't helping much in the task of prying it loose.

Mijn advies

The instructions make it seem like you need to start in a specific corner, but it was easiest to just run the pick up and down the sides with some pressure till you find a place loose enough to go in.

Most of the tools listed as needed in the tutorial weren't actually needed. Only really needed the pick, and iOpener. I used the spudger and opening tool because I had them, but a pencil or knife would have worked just as well as they were only needed to reach to places the pick couldn't.

There's adhesive on the back of the new screen which wasn't clear in the tutorial. So once the screen is off, you just plug in the big plug, feed the little one through, plop on the screen, and plug in the little plug.

I peeled off all of the old adhesive, somewhere I had read to leave it and heat it back up so it's used, but since there's some on the new screen I figured it would be a cleaner, more waterproof fit without the old gunk.

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Galaxy S5 Screen afbeelding
Galaxy S5 Screen


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