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My first repair - iPad Mini 1st Cracked Screen Replacment

jefowler4th -

iPad Mini CDMA

iPad Mini CDMA Front Panel Assembly Replacement

iPad Mini CDMA Front Panel Assembly Replacement

1 - 2 uren


Mijn probleem

We have three children (9, 10, 11). Kids and glass don't always mix well. And, no matter how much money you give to OtterBox - things happen. Repair shops are popping up everywhere we live. We took a device to the shop, and $120 later the device is fixed. I'm not assuming that I'm better than anyone else. But, I'm looking at this guy, and I'm thinking, If he can fix this thing - so can I!! For $70 it's worth a shot, and it's 1st gen mini - who cares..

Mijn oplossing

The process went well. I was terrified at first, but learned a lot as I went along. There are a few things that were different between the guide and my device, but overall it went swimmingly!

It took about 90 minutes to get the new digitizer in. I powered up the device before I sealed the glass. And I waited another 24 hours before I committed to exposing the adhesive.

The digitizer cable folded itself in-between the glass and the chassis, so I had to do a little iOpener/guitar pick work before it was all said and done to get the cable nestled in it's proper place.

Mijn advies

First, TAPE THE GLASS. If there's even a sliver of a crack in the glass, it's going to splinter. Not matter how much you think it's going to splinter glass everywhere, you're underestimating, be prepared. There's a little hint that I missed the first time through. If the glass is cracked, go ahead and cut the digitizer cable so you can toss the broken glass.

The last thing, I can not stress enough. SHAPE the new cable. It's not obvious how this should be done, so I have included a photo.

The part for this device is a few years old. So, to completely finish the project, I warmed the adhesive, then slid the iPad snuggly between some books for a nice lasting seal.

iPad mini 1/2 Screen afbeelding
iPad mini 1/2 Screen


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