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Where's my wi-fi?

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iPad Wi-Fi

iPad Wi-Fi Dock Connector Cable Replacement

iPad Wi-Fi Dock Connector Cable Replacement


Mijn probleem

Lost my wi-fi on my 1st gen ipad. Geek squad said it could not be repaired. I found ifixit and began to research replacement parts. I looked up the dock connector but could only find the part for non 3g models. After some research online, I determined they were all the same. I placed the order and my part was shipped. I received tracking info and the part arrived as promised.

Mijn oplossing

My repair was pretty straight forward. I have replaced glass on iphones before and repaired pc's and laptops for years. The step by step guides and illustrations on the ifixit website are great. Even if you have no previous experience working on these types of things, you can perform the repairs using the guides. Work time to replace the dock port connector was about 30 minutes. Take your time and be gentle. Small parts break easily. Pay attention to what you are taking apart and you will be fine.

Mijn advies

Order the tools. Great quality and a decent price. Cheap tools will bite you in the butt. Strip out a T4 torx and good luck!

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