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Replaced daughter's drowned phone

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Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III Front Panel Assembly Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S III Front Panel Assembly Replacement

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I borrowed my daughter's Samsung phone to make a call while paddle boarding. Needless to say, the phone got wet and went dark. All the phone functions still appeared to be working, it was still responding to incoming texts and calls, so I decided I would try and replace the screen. After some research I found the IFIXIT site and the right part for the phone.

Mijn oplossing

Using the repair guide on the IFIXIT website, it was fairly straightforward to disassemble the phone, take off parts and motherboard, and transfer everything to the new display assembly. You need a few basic tools: small phillips head screw driver and flat end tweezers to pry off the ribbon connectors. My old Edroy "Magni-focuser" headband magnifier was indispensable for this task. After screwing the back plate back on and popping the battery back in came the moment of truth: YEAH! We're back in business!

Mijn advies

Even though it may appear daunting at first, with the help of the repair guide and teardown and a little patience, anyone can do this kind of repair.

Peace of advice: get a waterproof case for your phone so you don't have to fix it in the first place.

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